pH+ alkalizing replacament filter

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pH+ filter cartridge for AQVA table top water purifier (product code AQ002-1)

What’s new?

  • Same filter cartridge as regular Table top, but increased taste and flavor qualities and pH level


  • Lifespan approximately 6000 liters
  • Source water type and quality has effect on lifespan
  • 0,1µm pore size reduces microbial contaminants, such as bacteria

What it does?

  • Increased effect for tastes and flavors of tee and coffee
  • Added magnesium and calcium in pure form
  • Added fresh taste into well purified water
  • Adsorption and redox medias reduces metals, heavy metals and chemical contaminants
  • Recommended water source, pre-treated municipal water

More technical information from AQVA table top filters product page.