AQVA Shower head filter

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New AQVA Shower head filter.

The Aqva shower filter smooths your skin and protects your health by providing refined water for shower use. The Aqva shower filter reduces chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and other contaminants. The filter protects your skin and hair, leaving your skin feeling much smoother and your hair naturally shiny and flexible.

Includes many familiar features of  AQVA shower filter, but the installation location is different. The filter also contains a more efficient 0.5μm sieve, for mechanical impurities removal. This filter also reduces microbial contaminants such as yeasts, molds and bacteria more efficiently from water.

To achieve the best result, combine with AQVA shower filter (AQ004).

Positive effects of AQVA Shower head  filter:

  • The product can be dismantled and washed even in dishwashers, to keep it clean and hygiene.
  • Carefully designed structure, giving a perfect, efficient, watering and warm shower stream, with smaller water consumption.
  • 200 spray nozzles open the shower stream to the oval shape and scatter the water streams so that water comes into your skin as a soft rain
  • Healthier and younger feeling skin
  • Smooth, easier to treat and shiny hair; the hair feels like washed in the lake’s fresh and pure water
  • Reduces skin and scalp dryness
  • Filtration of metals reduces the discoloration of light hair in green or yellow in particular
  • Colored hair keeps color longer
  • Add´s shampoo and soap foaming
  • Helps those with atopic, sensitive or damaged skin
  • A safer washing water for the little ones and babies

Reduced harmful chlorine

According to the US Department of the Environment, inhalation of chlorine in small amounts over time adversely affects human respiratory organs. The effects may be coughing and chest pains on the accumulation of water in the lungs. Chlorine irritates the eyes, skin and respiratory system.

The cleaning effects:

  • Reduces microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, yeasts and molds about 80%
  • Reduces chlorine
  • Reduces heavy metals
  • Reduces odors and flavors
  • Reduces drug and hormonal residues
  • Reduces iron and manganese
  • Reduces copper
  • Reduces the staining of bathroom surfaces and furniture

Other features:

  • Suitable for mounting in all showers with a holder for the shower head.
  • The old shower head is replaced by the AQVA Shower Head Filter.
  • Replacement filter (product code: AQ004-1V) for changeover 12k / 1 user, 6 months / 2 users, 3 months / 3 users, etc.
  • Recommended for use with pre-cleaned, municipal water. Wells or lakes only recommended as a quality enhancer or water analysis.

Purification methods:

  • High-surface activated carbon pulp mill reduces the many types of impurities that leak or grow in pipelines.
  • The 0.5μm screen mechanically blocks 1/2000 parts millimeters larger particles and solids.