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AQVA Reverse osmosis purifier for drinking and food water without intermediate tank.

The device first removes impurities from the water that can degrade the taste of beverages and foods or may be harmful to health. Only the water molecule is passed through the filter and the impurities are flushed into the sewer. Finally, before the water is ready to use, a little magnesium and calcium are added to it, so that the taste of water becomes fresher and its properties are optimized for making coffee and other drinks.

It can be connected directly to the water lines of restaurant equipment and instruments, whereby it may be necessary to add a pressure water reservoir to the waterline if the combined water flow requirement of the equipment is very high. In addition, a separate drinking water tap can be placed in the water line.

Works without electricity and fault-tolerant automation, with network pressure alone. Reliability is based on the unique valve solution, standard type and compatible reverse osmosis membranes that make the actual cleaning.

Water flow rate meters can monitor the operation of the device and the need for osmosis replacement.

Professional On osmosis, temporal change interval is recommended every six months or if the speed of water gets slows down

Features include:

  • Developed and manufactured in Finland.
  • Almost maintenance-free. Only intermittent filter replacement, which is easy to do.
  • Small and lightweight unit connected with JG-type tool-free quick couplers.
  • Only one mechanical moving part, an automatic valve.
  • Works with network water pressure.
  • The higher the pressure, the higher the yield of pure water.
  • The amount of flushing water is adjustable to save water and to adjust the flow rate of clean water.
  • Eliminates almost all the common water contaminants, except some gases, 85-99.9999%
  • Also suitable for cleaning lakes and rivers, wells and municipal waters. Also for saline water purification, if the TDS value is less than 2500mg / l.
  • Used to produce water in a pressurized container, directly into a separate tap or diaphragm pressure vessel.

Purifies water, including:

  • Bacteria, virus, cysts, yeast, and molds.
  • Manganese
  • Sulfur, hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron
  • Uranium
  • Organic matter (COD, KMnO4, permanganate)
  • Chloride and salt, eliminate about 85 % of that.
  • Smell and taste
  • Pollutant emitted from pipelines
  • Lime
  • Soften the water
  • Hormones, antibiotic and drug residues
  • Pollutions
  • Color
  • Agricultural and industrial residue