AQVA Finland's operation is driven by a clear aim to provide quality water for both private and public customers. We are passionate about our job, therefore we are responsible for the product development and quality control of our products. We have our own laboratory which we have developed for several years. In our laboratory, we analyse water samples, as well as our own products and the products of the component supplier. AQVA Finland is a safe and reliable partner and all of our products are examined throughoutly.



AQVA five-point quality control

 Our quality control ensures that our product range features only high-quality and responsible products that comply with quality certificates.

Thanks to our top professionals and top modern laboratory our products are safe now and in the future. 


Criteria for purification will be defined.

The initial source of water and the required purification attributes of the filter will be defined.



Reliability of the component suppliers will be ensured.

The supplier's quality certificates, supply reliability and ethicalness will be examined.



Product's functioning according to the requirements will be ensured.

In AQVA laboratory, the effectiveness of a product or component, homogeneousity and capacity from each delivery will be examined.



Our water expert will analyse test results and ensure the purification effectiveness.

Our water expert will analyse test results and ensure the purification effectiveness, as well as the safety of use and gives approval for selling of the product.



Constant quality control.

 A quality control method, which provides constant product safety, will be created for each product. Every product that comes to sale now and in the future will go through the quality control, always.