Water laboratory

AQVA Finland’s water laboratory serves consumer and company customers around Finland

Our water laboratory works in constant co-operation with AQVA’s purification side. In this role, the task of the water laboratory is to authenticate the planned effectiveness and operation of the products that are on the market and products that will be accepted to the range. The laboratory also does quality control. Another important task is to provide accurate and quick water analyses to our customers. Ordering the analysis, taking the sample and delivering it to the laboratory has been made easy and effortless.

Our water laboratory offers an invaluable addition to water purification products and filters. It allows our customers to have a completely comprehensive service that includes water quality information about buying a new filter. The water laboratory also enables buying an accurate and cost-effective filter. At the same time, we offer our customers constant service access to our professionals, about the operation of the filter and possible monthly varioation of the well.

AQVA’s water laboratory uses the newest technology, which has made the process of analyzing quick and cost-effective. Bacterias are no longer planted in bowls, they are raised in semi-automatic substrate. Heavy metals are no longer pipetted for analysing, but the automatism searches samples for examination and gives the results to the computer.

An important task for the personnel in the laboratory is to interpret the results and maintain the operation of products, as well as help our customers even in difficult interpretation and examination of quality challenges.

With water analysis, you will get information about the microbiologial and chemical physical attributes of your drinking and washing water. You will be convinced about the safety and healthy of water. Your water sample will come by post directly to our laboratory where it will be registered immediately and the process of analyzing will be started on the same day. The duration of the analysis depends on its type and extent, but it typically takes approximately one week.