AQVA tap filter, 4-phase filtration.

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The filter has been developed to remove effectively the most typical impurity types in Finland. It purifies water effectively and makes the water fresher and tastes better.

The new faucet filter of AQVA ULTRA series contains a high-quality cavity fiber part. The sieve size of the cavity fiber part is 0,1 µm. Besides all solids and microplastics, it also removes almost all bacteria, yeasts, molds, protozoans and parasites. The hygiene of water rises to a completely new level. The cavity fiber has been produced by Japanese Mitsubishi.

The structure of the product has been designed so that there are no consumable sliding surface parts. This way the product has superior consumption and durability even in high pressure and chlorine water.

3-phase filtration:

1. Removal of the largest solids and sediments from water, 0,1 mm
2. Adsorption (activated carbon)
3. Ultrafiltration, 0,1 µm


The product is connected to the end of the faucet, either directly to the threads of the bubble nozzle, or with the thread adapters (5 pieces) included in the package. Water can be taken directly from the faucet without purification or by turning the change-over switch through the purifier.

A very easy and inexpensive replacement filters. The replacement is done without tools.


Filter capacity is even 1000 liters. The capacity of the filter depends on the quality of water. Estimated consumption 1-2 person 3-4 months, 4 people household 1-2 months. The filter has approximately 30 % overcapacity.

If the purified water contains a significant amount of rust, iron, hummus, microbiological impurities or calcium, the capacity can remain under 1000 liters. The need for replacement caused by clogging can be recognized when the flow of the purified water becomes slower.

Removes/reduces the following impurities from drinking water:

  • Chlorine: 100%
  • Petrochemicals: 98%
  • Phenol’s: 99%
  • Pesticides: 95%
  • Heavy metals: 98%, such as copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.
  • All forms of iron: Fe, Fe2+and Fe3+, and other metals.
  • Calcium about 50%
  • pH level has no effect on the efficiency of purification. Pure activated carbon is partly sensitive to the changes in pH value.
  • Microbiological impurities such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, cysts, protozoans, and parasites. (utilization of filter and quality of water can affect)
  • Traces of hormones and antibiotics
  • Mechanical impurities down to 0,01 µm (0,0001 mm)
  • Microplastics
  • Recommended to be used with pre-purified municipal water. To be used for well or lake water only as quality enhancer or recommended based on water analysis.


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