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AQVA shower filter, efficient filtering also for iron and metals.

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The shower filter developed by AQVA’s new water research and laboratory.
The Aqva shower filter softens your skin and protects your health by providing purified water for the shower. The Aqva shower filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants and breaks the structure of the water softer, eventually adding vitamin C. This is known to have positive effects on the ability of the skin and hair to resist external stresses. Shower filter protects your skin and hair. Your skin becomes much smoother and your hair is naturally shiny and flexible. The filter changes water close to its original shape, and gives you a spa experience in your shower.

To achieve the best result, combine with AQVA shower filter head (AQ004-1W).

Positive effects of AQVA shower filter:

  • Healthier and younger skin
  • Smooth, easier to treat and shiny hair
  • Reduces skin and scalp dryness
  • The removal of metals reduces the discoloration of light hair in green or yellow
  • Colored hair keeps its tones longer
  • Adds shampoo and soap foaming
  • Helps those with atopic, sensitive or damaged skin
  • Safe washing water for small children and babies
  • Protects pet skin and hair from chlorine
  • Added vitamin C decreases the pH of the skin closer to the natural level and increases the natural moisturizing effect. The product delivers vitamin C to the water stream, water characteristics, depending on the hardness, about 10μg / l.

The cleaning effects:

  • Neutralizes chlorine
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Removes odors and flavors
  • Removes drug and hormonal residues
  • Remove iron and manganese
  • Removes copper
  • Softens water
  • Significantly reduces the lime and discoloration of bathroom surfaces and furniture

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  • Easy installation for almost all shower models
  • We also have a large selection of adapters and extensions in case this filter doesn’t directly fit in your shower mixer

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