Product development

Our carefully refined product development process ensures the high quality of the products. Our customer oriented product development process originates from research of Finnish water systems and needs for purification.

The process always begins from practical conditions which is compared to our years of experience of water purification techniques. This ensures exactly the purification method that is the right type and size. Our development expertise includes challenging river and lake water systems, as well as preliminary cleaned municipal water systems. This creates a comprehensive knowledge basis for product development. In the world, there are dozens, if not even hundreds of different purification techniques. Choosing the correct combinations of these technique,s is ensured with our top expertise.


The need for purification is discovered

The obersvation can come through our own research, customer feedback or scientific research.

Responsible component suppliers are chosen

The quality certificates, supply reliability, production line and ethicalness of the supplier are examined.



The product is tested

The capacity of the product is tested and ensured that the product matches its use purpose.

Piloting of the product

Products are put to selected testing conditions and their capacity will be monitored in practical conditions.



The product is approved for sale.

Monitoring of the product is maintained and customer feedback and observations are saved.