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AQVA Finland’s principles and ambitions

Understanding the importance of water to comprehensive wellbeign is the basis of our all operations. Water is a significant part of humans and our daily life and therefore every one should have opportunity drink high quality water.

The quality and easy use of our products is guaranteed by the decades long experience of our Finnish experts and of our constant will to develop.

We at AQVA are devoted to create solutions which ensure the high quality of water in an ecological way. Our mission is that you and your family can always enjoy the right amount of purified water, at the right time and place. With our products, we make it possible for you to make choices that are healthy, ecological and support sustainable development in your everyday life.

Juha Aalto, CEO

Juha Aalto has been an entrepreneur for a long time and understands the needs of both B2B and B2C sides. Juha’s work is driven by environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and transparency. The demands for water purification solutions are constantly increasing, so in order to respond to the requirements of markets Juha is committed to utilize the expertise of market leaders, as well as Finnish research and development work.

“Over 20 years as an entrepreneur have given a clear vision about what the customer wants from the products and services; the most important aspects are operational reliability, maintainability and reasonable operating costs.”

Ilkka Hämäläinen, chairman of the board

Ilkka Hämäläinen, doctor of economic science, is a true professional of developing business. He has a wide understanding of leading a growing company. He has been co-operating with HVAC and construction designers for a long time which is why he knows the requirements and needs of the industry. Ilkka has been working as a consultant of the management since the 1970’s and his special expertise include innovative leading, creating strategies, generating growth and creating new business operations that are made possible by scientific information.

“My innovative thinking is based on my comprehensive experiences as a technical designer, a researcher and developer of energy solutions, an economist, an adademic researcher of innovative leadership, a management consultant, a business executive and an entrepreneur.”

Otto Manninen, water purification

Otto Manninen has worked for over 20 years with water purification and environmental-friendly technologies. He has gained experience from water purification in international organizations, through which he has had the opportunity to work in several countries in Africa and Europe. Otto has also been developing AQVA’s water laboratory and has strong experience from product development and from industrial, chemical and biochemical laboratories.

“In Africa, diverse city, well and natural water objects have required a wide familiarization to different water purification methods. My expertise was easily transferred to AQVA’s operations, though water purification challenges are usually easier to solve and the needs are slightly different.”

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