Happiness and well-being
from fresh water

PURE and quality water at home and work.

Table top purifier

Easily large amounts of pure
drinking water.

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Tap filter

Easy and effortless purification
of drinking water.

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Shower filter

Purified water that is gentle to
your skin and hair.

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Shower filter

Even more accurate purification, softer hair and skin.

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A new wave of enjoying water

Drinking clean water is not just the necessity of human's-it is also the foundation of a healthy life. The effects of drinking water not only felt by the body's overall well-being, but also visible from the outside. To ensure well- being, water should be consumed abundantly- up to 2-3 liters per day. Therefore, the taste and quality of water is also of great importance

Comprehensive wellbeign from AQVA Finland water purifiers

Thanks to our versatile purification solutions and filtering solutions,you get water which is always pure,regardless of use purpose.Our drinking and washing water filters remove impurities effectively from water.  

Besides time, our innovative products save also money and nature. Expensive and unecological bottled water is now history. You can have unlimitedly pure and tasty water directly from your own faucet. Purified water also makes the aromas in coffee taste better and makes showering even more pleasant. Filtered water is gentle to your body comprehensively.  


Science and quality control are behind everything

We examine water samples and do our product development in our own top laboratory.  Constant quality control ensures that all our products are of high quality and safe. We are proud that we can speak about our products honestly, supported by science and accurate quality control. Read more about AQVA quality control from here. 


Freshly pure water - easily and safely

Who we are

We are a Finland based company operating  from Helsinki. Our personnel's experience of water purification goes back to the 1960's. We are one of the most innovative operators and we do our work with passion so that people could get fresh and pure water – easily, safely and ecologically.

What we offer

We offer water purification solutions and research services of water quality for work, home ja leisure apartments. We beileve  in that AQVA products are always easy to use and of high quality.

Read about AQVA's principles and goals

"I recommend Aqva products both as a professional and a consumer."

Pontus Jäntti
Fitness and nutrition consultant, former top athlete

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"Many people believe that domestic tap water is automatically pure, and in my opinion people do not think about the subject critically enough."

Hanna Leino
Mother and management assistant

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